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Using Bialetti Coffee Makers

Posted by L'omino - The Little Man on

Bialetti aluminium and stainless steel stovetop coffeemakers work on a pressure based system.

  1. Before using the coffeemaker for the first time, unscrew the top from the base. 
  2. Remove the funnel (2) from the base. Then remove the filter plate (3) and the ring (4). 
  3. Wash all parts in warm water and correctly reassemble the top section.
  4. Fill the base (1) with water to just below the level of the safety valve.  Be careful not to overfill as the air in the space between the water and the coffee filter is what heats and forces the water up through the coffee. If the water tank is overfilled the result is boiled coffee, with a bitter or burnt taste.
  5. Insert the funnel.
  6. Loosely fill the funnel with your favourite ground coffee (we recommend a medium-fine grind. Medium-fine will feel gritty when rubbed between your fingers, not powdery. Note that a espresso grind purchased from a store for electric espresso machine's is typically too fine and may block your Bialetti).
    Do NOT tamp coffee down. Remove any coffee grounds on the edge of the funnel.
  7. Screw the top section firmly to the base. Avoid using the handle for leverage. 
  8. Place the coffeemaker on a low to medium heat. This is most important for induction cooktops as they will quickly overheat the pot if on a high setting. When using on gas adjust the flame so that it does not extend up the side of the pot potentially burning the handle or paintwork.
  9. It takes only 3 - 6 minutes, depending on the size of the coffeemaker and the intensity of heat, until it’s ready to serve.
  10. Remove immediately from the heat once coffee pot is full.  Do not allow to boil and do not put on full heat as this may cause the coffee to have a burnt taste.
  11. Gently give the coffee a stir before pouring.
  12. All Bialetti stovetop espresso makers are suitable for use on gas, electric and ceramic hobs.  Stainless steel models are also additionally suitable for induction. (Note: Do check your induction cooktop Manufacturer’s manual to confirm the diameter of the Bialetti pot base will correctly operate on your cooktop.)


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