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Bialetti Pour Over Kettle Induction 1L
Bialetti Pour Over Kettle Induction 1L
Bialetti Pour Over Kettle Induction 1L

Bialetti Pour Over Kettle Induction 1L


A must have accessory for pour over coffee, this stainless steel kettle is suitable for use on all stovetops including induction. The specially designed goose-neck spout allows for a slow and constant flow of water.

Suitable for Induction and all other stovetops

L'omino - The Little Man - guidance:

  • For pour over, use a ratio of 20 grams of medium grind coffee (freshly ground is always better) to 300ml of boiling water. Do experiment with different quantities to suit your individual taste and the characteristics of the coffee you're using.

  • Measure 300mls of water or more into the kettle, depending on the size of your pour over filter. Place kettle on your stovetop and bring to the boil.

  • Wet the grind and allow the coffee to swell (leave for about 45 seconds).

  • Then very slowly pour boiling water over the coffee allowing the water to drip through at its own pace (waiting 20 seconds between each pour). Pouring using small circular motions ensures you capture the full flavour from all the grounds. The aim is to steadily and uniformly wet the coffee grinds rather than fill the filter with water. The slower the pour, the more time the water has to extract the unique flavour of the coffee.  Enjoy!

Made from stainless steel with a glass lid topped with a heat resistant, silicone covered knob.

Size Approximate Total Height (cms) Approximate Width (cms) at bottom of base
1L 20cm 15cm

Before First Use:

  • Before using for the first time, it’s a good idea to wash all the parts in hot water first.